How it Works

Welcome to The Haul: 

A virtual marketplace for pop culture enthusiasts and convention-goers around the world; we’re happy you’re here! 

This space is made for shoppers, sellers, and fans alike to connect over shared fandoms and unique interests. The Haul brings the collecting experience of in-person events likeNew York Comic Con, PAX and MCM Comic Con—to name a few—into an intuitive online platform for all participants. Below is a quick guide to becoming a part of The Haul’s online shopping community.

Shop Seamlessly: 

Tips For Shoppers

From comics and books to action figures, games, fan art and more, you can find everything that fits your fandoms on The Haul. 

Follow these easy steps for a personalized shopping experience:

  1. Create your shopper account. 
  2. Share your basic contact information and areas of interest so we can serve up relevant shops and items.
  3. Browse by fandom or category to connect with your favorite sellers.
  4. Add the items you want to buy to your cart and checkout in one easy transaction; each seller will receive the info they need to fulfill your order.
  5. Sit back, relax, and wait for your haul to arrive by mail.

Oh, and just like the awesome goods you pick up at physical cons, we encourage you to share your haul on social and tag us!