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Selling Your Merch Just Got Real Easy

Set Up Shop On The Haul.

Ready to join our online community of small businesses, artists and your fellow convention exhibitors on The Haul? We’ve made it super simple for interested sellers to kickstart their online stores on our fun and user-friendly site. Fill out our quick seller application, and as soon as our team approves your store (typically within 48 hours), you can start selling your amazing products to customers from around the world.
  • Worldwide Shoppers
    The Haul welcomes tens of thousands of global visitors on a monthly basis, allowing you to tap into previously unreached markets.
  • Quick Payments
    Once your goods start selling on The Haul, we will release funds from your sales on a monthly basis.
  • Earn Badges
    Proudly display earned badges on your shop when you participate as an active seller on our marketplace.
  • Customize your Shop
    Use your own logo and cover image as branding elements for your online shop. Location, contact info, shipping, and refund policies can also be customized per your brand’s standards.
  • Add Media
    Embed YouTube or Vimeo links to help your storefront stand out to fans and shoppers.
  • Power of Fandom
    With a global audience of pop culture fans, attract new customers who are eager for your products. Utilize our services to make it easy to promote and scale your business and boost your visibility.
  • Fast Customer Support
    Got questions? If you ever need help with your account, just reach out and our team of savvy techs will get you squared away.
  • Manage Your Orders
    Get instant notifications of your online orders, and manage them with ease for a smooth seller to shopper experience.
  • Get Your Shop Verified
    Provide us with requested business documents, and we’ll add a verified seller badge to your profile. Keeps you super official, like those blue checkmarks on social media!
  • Create Custom Collections
    Shoppers love to browse by fandom and category. Create your store’s own collection to show up in fan-generated searches.
  • Add Unlimited Products
    Keep your inventory stocked with as many products as you want. Unlike a physical store, your storefront on The Haul never runs out of room.
  • No Hidden Fees
    There's no annual payment or listing fees. You only pay transaction and payment processing fees as you sell your products.
Start Selling On The Haul With These Easy Steps
  • Apply to become a seller on The Haul.
  • Receive approval to sell on our platform within 48 hours.
  • If approved, you’ll be invited to set up your account.
  • Agree to our marketplace policies and fee structures.
  • Add your products or catalog.
  • Set up your pricing, tax, return policy, and fulfillment preferences.
  • Start selling to our amazing fanbase!
  • We release funds from your sales to you monthly.
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